Welcome to Connery on Providence, where heartfelt stories unfold through the voices of our cherished residents. Dive into a tapestry of genuine experiences and expressions that illuminate the profound impact our community has on their lives. Each testimonial is a testament to the deep connection and commitment we hold for the well-being and happiness of our residents, reflecting the essence of Connery on Providence as a place they proudly call home. 

"What’s bringing me to the Connery is the 55 and older community. I was looking for true resort living. I worked hard all these years, so therefore I was looking for a certain kind of place that I wanted to call home. When I saw the Connery I just said, this is it. First of all, the staff is amazing. I had met them at an event and you could just see, you know, how family-oriented they really were and how warm they were. That just sold me right there. But when I actually saw the community, I’m like, this is unbelievable. Its so beautiful, I mean, if anbody wouldn’t love to call this place place home in this crazy world we live in where there is just chaos. I’m coming home to peace." - GAIL

"I love showing people around on my phone with my friends because it’s like, it’s so glamorous and when my daughter-in-law walked in she said, “Mom, it’s like the Ritz Carlton.” Sometimes I think it’s even better than the Ritz Carlton. It because of the staff. It certainly has a lot to do with the ambiance. How could it not? It never gets tiring. Every time you come out; you go – wow again. I’m also taking yoga lessons with my new friend and loving, loving every minute of it. I think that I feel safe and cared for, and I feel like I’m home. That’s such an outstanding feeling to feel like you are home." - BARBARA